We review all private UK specialists in various fields of expertise and use a long list of criteria to assess each one, so you know you are in good hands. You can also be rest assured our advice is impartial as we have no commercial agreement with the private specialists we recommend. Here are some of the criteria we use:

  • How much consultant experience do they have?
  • Do they demonstrate a commitment to furthering their profession through active research?
  • Outcome measures? (where possible)
  • Do they have a great reputation in their field?
  • Members of professional and respected clinical organisations?
  • Do they specialise in one or two joints so their considerable level of consultant experience is focused very much in a particular field?
  • What is their sub-specialty in their field of expertise?
    • For example, do they carry out specialist procedures or have knowledge in a very specific field such as joint preservation procedures or research?
  • Positive patient testimonials?
  • GMC registered?

This criteria is not exhaustive but these are just some of the metrics we use to guide our search – not every private specialist conforms to every category but these are just some of the criteria we look for – many are mandatory.

Our advice is not based on the cost of the private specialist or because of any commercial relationship between us. That way, we can advise on the exact private specialists who we think are best to treat your suspected injury or issue anywhere in the UK.

Our focus is providing you with excellent, free, bespoke and impartial clinical advice so you can quickly start your recovery. You are then well informed so you can discuss your options with your private medical insurer, if you have one.

Why are these specialists right for me?

Our market research tells us that patients often want to have a choice of at least three options and so where possible we will provide the details of three private specialists who are appropriate to treat the type of injury or issue that our clinical team think that you are likely to have.

Once we have worked out what issue we think you have, if we don’t feel you need private specialist input we will advise you that we think your problem may simply settle on its own, or we may recommend physiotherapy.

The clinical screen by experienced ecovery team members is free for you.

Don’t I just see a knee specialist?

Each specialist has different skills and so it’s not quite as simple as this. You will find some specialists are experts at treating ligaments and others at joint replacements and some do both. Some are experts in joint preservation and in certain injections and some not. Some treat one joint only and some treat three or four. The issue gets further complicated if you have referred pain from your hip or another complex problem which may need the input of a rheumatologist, pain management doctor or sports medicine consultant rather than a knee consultant.

Once we have reviewed your case we are likely to have a good idea what you have injured, so you are much more likely to end up in the right place for your problem before you’ve spent any time or money finding this out.

We have been researching private specialists throughout the UK for the last two years and will continue to do so to ensure we have the details of the right clinicians who we feel can help you.

We’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to.

Ready to feel better?

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